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What is better than a hotel stay? Living in a home that feels as luxurious as a hotel room and the Palmyra residence in Bangsar did exactly that! This modern luxury hotel styled condominium was meant to make you feel like you are living the 5-star lifestyle. From marble counter tops to walk-in closet and a bath tub that is begging for your relaxing time, this unit is guaranteed to make you feel like you own the lavish life


One word. Minimalistic. The word perfectly describes Ms. Yong’s home’s interior style. Classic white car lacquer on door panels are used to give the space a simple yet luxurious look. Whoever said that minimalism is boring, is wrong. We forget how a mostly white room can easily make the space light up during the day, blocking out the negative vibes and bringing in prosperity and dynamic energy. Many also believe that when it comes to minimalism, the colour scheme must only stay within neutral range, but no. Primary colours can also be used as an accent colour, along with patterns and textures. Another point about minimalism is storage optimization. This means good use of space with minimalistic design equals to more storage spaces.


This Mid-Century Modern Syled 3-story terrace at Bandar 16 Sierra is a simple yet stylishly designed property. Its wood grain texture and pure white door panelsgives the space a harmonious feel and also a sense of elegance and comfort. In efforts to also optimize the space utilization and enriching its functionalities, wall-mounted systems are used around the kitchen area with combinations of black rock texture and smooth pearlescent dark color door panels, giving the room a modern cutting-edge look. The look and feel of the space is not the only thing that is designed to impress. The kitchen comes with high tech functional accessories and smart appliances, redefining an intelligent kitchen of the new era. The home interior brings a sense of timeless quality, by leaping out of traditional design and jumping into the modern era of homes.


The AK Tan Residential project at Taman Setia Eco Garden, Gelang Patah, Johor is a coastal-style interior designed bungalow. The property comes with 5 bedrooms, a dry kitchen with an island, a wet kitchen and a study room. When one thinks of the word coastal, they think of the beach and beaches are a natural environment. In order for the place to give out a natural feel, colour tones like blue and moss green are used on furniture and house accessories to represent refinement and soothingness. The combination of both colours creates a quiet and comfortable living space, also making the rooms in the house a much more relaxed place. Neutral whites paired with beige are used also to represent sand while tinges of blue here and there resemble the sunny sky and blue ocean waves. The whole point of using such colours is to give out bright and breezy vibes, allowing residents of the home to feel like they are relaxing in a luxurious beach house.


The JV Lee residential at Broadleaf Residence, Kota Kemuning, Shah Alam is a minimalistic European designed
3 story semi-d project. Inspired by a classical ballet piece, Swan Lake by Tchaikovsky, the interior colour palette represents the ballerina’s white dress with black veil. The tranquility in the air and elegance of the rooms embodies the magnificence of the dancer, as she sways in her dress and the movements of her shadow falls onto the lake’s reflection and drifts away into the morning haze. The combination of black and white may be a
common duo but it never fails to give a space the classic yet modern look and feel.