Wooden Bathroom Mirror Cabinet with Light BC17-PVC01

Wooden Bathroom Mirror Cabinet with Light BC17-PVC01


As one of the best bathroom vanity wholesalers in China, we offer this toilet cabinet with mirror. A custom mirrored cabinet bathroom is a great way to save space. Here you’ll get handy storage and a convenient mirror combined into one. The wood grain customized bathroom vanity is matched with brown walls, and the embellishment of white and beige countertops makes the whole bathroom cabinet with light highlight the high-quality texture. The mirrored doors on the wall extend the view of the light bathroom cabinet as a whole. 


At the same time, the storage function of the bathroom cabinet is very powerful, a small number of commonly used items can be placed on the countertop, and the bathroom can be kept tidy at all times. Moreover, PVC sheets are composite plastic sheets which give a tough finish. Being waterproof and moisture-proof, it makes a wise option for bathroom cabinet. OPPEIN’s custom bathroom vanities and other procudts are matching with necessary hardware and other accessories. All the colors, styles, shapes, size, materials can be customized among your budget.