Modern Minimalist Beige Handleless Kitchen Cabinets for Sale – PLCC23033

Modern Minimalist Beige Handleless Kitchen Cabinets for Sale – PLCC23033

Product Information
Code: PLCC23033
Specification: L4067*W2849mm
Door panel process: YMC048 YMC003
Door panel material:PWMC0161 PWMC0162 PWMC164
Cabinet: PWGA0046
Countertop: PWTY1110
Hardware parts: PWWK0196 PWNS0101 PWWT019
Product design: Minimalist kitchen design in gray and white tones. The large line design makes the overall fashion with a strong sense of urban modernity.

Color match
The milky white wavy dark grain door panel is matched with the treated wood texture, and it is also matched with the dark brown vertical grille veneer. The overall product looks clean and simple from a distance, but the material details are rich and stylish when viewed up close.
Structure layout

Classic L-shaped kitchen cabinet layout. The kitchen area on the left has compact functional lines. On the right is an open space for decorative shelves and small appliances, which can easily meet all the basic needs of the kitchen.

Material properties

Kitchen cabinets in special laser engraved material. The effect of metallic powder is more stable, giving a matte skin effect. The white door panels contain wavy stripes and dark patterns.

Process Description
Use the latest cutting-edge high-performance excimer UV process. This process results in a more stable surface effect texture. The newly developed integrated handle is easier to operate with an inner arc buckle design.
Humanized function
The integrated cooking center integrates the steam and oven functions. On the left, the western kitchen with the baking function of the water bar is extended. A cup of coffee in the morning wakes you up, and a drink of red wine in the evening makes the kitchen life more refined and rich. The open display shelf integrated with the hanging cabinet and the regional cabinet wall enables the coexistence of functional storage and decoration, and enhances the sense of agility in the space level.