8 French Country Kitchen Ideas You Cannot Miss

8 French Country Kitchen Ideas You Cannot Miss

French style is the iconic one for home decor. Having millions of fans, this decor style has become a world-known treasure. When you consider bringing this sophisticated style to your home, you will have a wide selection of options on the market. With a French country kitchen in the house, you will have the softest and most delicate touch to your living space. Characterized by its pure and neutral colors, french kitchen style could refresh your home and make it a comfy zone for cooking and healing. By browsing these 8 typical and stylish French country kitchens, you may find the best fit for your own kitchen. Read on!

1.  Make the space creamy


Creamy shades are the most frequently used colors in French-style kitchens. The unique relaxing sense of these tones creates an elegant and romantic ambiance. The round corner design makes the cabinets smooth and soft, both visually appealing and safe.

2.  Add metal frame accents


Black metal frames are outstanding details in this French kitchen. The mixture of different materials complements this kitchen design and creates a perfect blend of rustic and industrial styles. Also, open shelves and closed cabinets are harmoniously integrated, presenting a sophisticated U-shaped French country kitchen.

3.  Pure all-in-white kitchen


White color is the never-wrong choice for country kitchen decor, and this pure white kitchen design gives a striking statement for the country-style kitchen. Purity and cleanliness are the key points of this kitchen idea, while golden handles accent the cabinet with delightful details.

4.  Light and soothing wood tune


Country kitchen ideas often use wood elements for their natural sense and relaxing effect. In this stylish country kitchen, white upper cabinets and wood-colored base cabinets perfectly combine to accomplish a dreamy and delightful French countryside style.

5.  Baby blue country kitchen


Put some tranquil baby blue in your kitchen, and every corner will become a relaxing, comforting area. This color has become extremely popular in recent years and is also the preferred shade of country-style kitchens. With a cozy ambiance, refined details, and classical design, everything is in perfect harmony in this elegant French kitchen. Country kitchen designs are always characterized by natural elements, such as the blue of a clear sky reflected in the cabinetry.

6.  Mixture of natural elements


Completely inspired by nature, this country-style kitchen highlights natural elements – woodgrain and stone veins. Designed in a T shape, the kitchen offers maximum efficiency for daily routines. This stylish French country kitchen combines wooden cabinet fronts with decorative stone veneers to convey distinctive country aesthetics.

7.  Have a wood countertop


Adding a wood countertop to a white kitchen brings warmth and coziness. The dark hardwood floor contrasts with the light wood countertop, giving the country kitchen a rustic appearance. The central island is surrounded by all-white cabinets that infuse the space with a simple yet aesthetically pleasing sense.

8.  Compact one-wall kitchen


An attention-grabbing one-wall kitchen uses beige and light woodgrain to create a soft, calming effect. Ingenious additions like the extension table enhance kitchen functionality. A country-style kitchen can be completed even with a small space.