OPPEIN Kenya Riverside Palace Project

Nairobi, Kenya | 2016

Product Supplied:
Kitchen Cabinets(30 Units), Wardrobes(90 Units)

Technical Support:
Customized Design, 3D Picture, Installation Instruction

Our client Shiloh worked in wedding industry, and this trial was his first investment on apartment project, thus he would like to have cooperation with a reliable company with one-stop solution services. Shiloh found OPPEIN through local exhibition, he was crush on OPPEIN product designs at the scene. OPPEIN was his first choice to work with in this 30 units apartment project, Supplied kitchen cabinets and wardrobes with on- stop solution services.


Generally, the pros of U-shaped kitchens include the fact that they are excellent for storage, offer lots of work surfaces. The U-shaped kitchen is probably the most practical of kitchen layouts and can provide an additional run of potential storage or appliance space compared with a galley kitchen or L-shaped kitchen.

“Lady Susan ” drawer – Well Used of Corner Space

An unique space utilization concept, effective use of cabinet dead corner, to maximize the scope of storage.

Square drawer- Put away clutter, start an orderly life

Reasonable separation of space, with items placed in science, the drawer is no longer messy disorder, making more handy.


This sliding door wardrobe is the perfect storage solution where space is limited. The German engineered doors glide smoothly side to side on metal runners, saving valuable floor space where other doors would open outwards. Finished with pristine mirrored doors, wardrobe reflects light and space so your room will feel larger and you won’t need any additional mirrors.


Shiloh was really satisfied with our products, installation and after-sales service. He gave a high praise for OPPEIN high quality products and professional services when participated in OPPEIN project cooperation party, and showed interests to have cooperation with OPPEIN in future.

Striving for perfection is our philosophy.

Owing to its European quality control standards, automatic HOMAG product lines,integrated design and production software, and best raw materials from world well-known suppliers. OPPEIN can deliver excellent products in line with German quality.

We have implemented a complex quality system to review all material and standard operating procedures are audited regularly to ensure the standards are met..

We have developed stragetic cooperation with most of world-leading suppliers, such as woodworking machinery, panels, edge band, lacquer and solvent, hardware, etc,keeping quality under control at the sourcing stage..