OPPEIN France Bordeaux Apartment Kitchen Project

France | 2016

Product Supplied:
Whole house solution

Technical Support:
On-site measurement, Site supervision, Installation guidance

Our customer Burno has experience of buying home products oversea, but feel troublesome to buy products from different places. What attracts him is that OPPEIN shows great strength on one stop solution service. Burno came to OPPEIN with hand drawn drawings. After pre-sales communication,OPPEIN designer offered customized design according to his personal requirements. We had great communication during the cooperation. Burno was very satisfied with our products, and showed the wish to cooperate wi
Our customer thinks that kitchen should be an active part of the family home. The combined layout in this project allows for optimum multitasking — parents can prepare dinner, chat with families and help with kid’s homework at the same time.

Burno:”A special but warm feel should be show in the walk-in closet.” Warm color makes you the happiest, calms you down and bring sweet memories back to you. Leather on wardrobe door leads to special and modern. Several divided space provided for different Clothing.

Striving for perfection is our philosophy.

Owing to its European quality control standards, automatic HOMAG product lines,integrated design and production software, and best raw materials from world well-known suppliers. OPPEIN can deliver excellent products in line with German quality.

We have implemented a complex quality system to review all material and standard operating procedures are audited regularly to ensure the standards are met..

We have developed stragetic cooperation with most of world-leading suppliers, such as woodworking machinery, panels, edge band, lacquer and solvent, hardware, etc,keeping quality under control at the sourcing stage..