Kitchen Design Trend 2023: 9 Design Pro Ideas You’ll Definitely Spot

It might be a maze of concepts and designs when it comes to the greatest kitchen trends 2023. There are numerous on-trend styles and state-of-the-art equipment to choose from, with interesting new kitchen brands sprouting up and loads of novel design concepts and ingenious twists on existing appliance designs on exhibit in kitchen showrooms around the globe.

To help us solve this conundrum, we consulted with the industry’s leading trend forecasters, who all agreed that this year, dining in will be as luxurious as a night out. Here are the top nine kitchen trends that will rule our kitchens in 2023. Good luck!

1. Family Friendly Designs

This useful addition with seats is becoming a standard in most kitchens. They not only add flair to the kitchen’s look, but they also give additional storage and are the ideal location to hang some highlight pendant lights. We’ve progressed from the days when the kitchen was akin to the servants’ quarters – out of sight, out of mind – to a communal space where friends and family might assemble and socialize. Much more usable and family-friendly.

In domestic design, comfortable, friendly places with ample seats for the entire family take primacy. However, combining comfort and design is critical for future family-friendly settings. Furthermore, the family members are accommodated. For an all-inclusive setup, consider a pet-feeding station to be elegantly incorporated into upgraded kitchen islands. These would look fantastic on a center island or in a corner cabinet.

2. Organic Elements

Wood kitchen cupboards are a popular choice for individuals who like timeless or traditional designs, so it is not surprising that more and more homeowners will be looking for walnut and oak cupboard kitchen ideas in the near future.

The last several years have been all about integrating nature into the home, and this trend isn’t set to slow down in 2023. Natural stone worktops, eco-friendly and organic materials, wood cupboards and storage, and metal accents, to mention a few, will continue to find their way into kitchens.

Dark wood stains are making a resurgence, particularly in kitchens. After a period of brilliant white rooms, people are yearning for deeper, more appealing kitchens. These darker woods give character and warmth, as well as contrast to lighter parts.

This kitchen cabinet design may be used in modern houses with natural wood treatments or in transitional areas with painted cabinets. It provides warmth, depth, and intrigue to the kitchen and serves as a focal point in the center of the home.

3. Tailor-Made Storage

The latest luxury is tailor-made storage customization. Since nothing says “deluxe” like a custom-made spice rack.

Given the practicality it provides, the trend for intelligent storage continues to be a crucial design decision. Storage may be both a design and a functional trend, from handleless cabinets to tower and corner larders.

Storage is and will remain a vital aspect of the kitchen. For individuals who have smaller kitchens, innovative kitchen storage solutions in this space are essential for making the most of the space available.

Clever storage in larger, minimalist kitchens allows clutter to be simply cleared away. As people adjust to working from home permanently, many homeowners are adding extra storage options to their kitchens to store their office materials.

4. Statement Appliance

Would you like to create a big statement in your kitchen? “Don’t just fill your splashback with colorful tiles.” In 2023, range collars will be the new backsplash. So complement your appliance with a magnificent range hood that sets the tone for the rest of your area.

Consumers want their appliances to blend in seamlessly with their kitchen design, whether it’s a clean modern kitchen with concealed appliances or something more classic with appliances that stand out. This manifests itself in two distinct styles: an invisible wallflower-like fridge cleverly concealed behind cabinet panels—or a bold, blaring, statement fridge that turns more heads than the steaming hot beef Wellington masterpiece you just brought out of the oven.

People are challenging many norms and are no longer scared to take chances in expressing themselves, particularly at home, where we spend a significant amount of time working from home. It’s a sort of collectivist self-expression that evokes the 1970s while also being its own movement. As a result, spiritual places with unfettered self-expression are forming.

5. Open Shelving

The days of typical closed-top cabinets are numbered, and open shelves will take their place. Upper cabinets are being phased out. Open shelving with a beautiful design is here to stay. Getting rid of upper cabinets is a terrific method to save money while also allowing you to express yourself through beautifully created vignettes.

However, doing it correctly entails keeping it trimmed and clean. Everything from plates to appliances is to be concealed. The days of displaying pottery and recipes are over; the minimalist, uncomplicated aesthetic is in. Cookbooks belong in the pantry, and appliances are buried behind cabinets for a serene, uncluttered appearance.

6. Closed Kitchens

Open floor layouts, particularly open kitchens, are now contentious design themes. While it may be a sensible decision for some, in a post-pandemic era, many people have grown bored of this architectural choice.

Many homeowners have requested that their kitchen walls be closed up. People, particularly families, no longer want to see filthy dishes and cereal boxes when they eat supper or entertain. More homeowners have open floor designs and are constructing walls to separate their kitchens and dining areas. The kitchen, dining area, and sitting room are all separated in this more conventional form. It enables you to create a one-of-a-kind environment.

7. Warm Colors

Although white will remain a stylish kitchen color in 2023, we should expect to see more vibrant kitchens in the coming year. Warmer tones and bright bursts of color are particularly popular among homeowners, as opposed to monochrome, Icelandic minimalism or white and gray cottage kitchens.

We predict that organic and rich hues will be popular in all parts of the kitchen in 2023, as part of the movement to use more color in the kitchen. All-white cabinetry will be replaced with warm, wood-grain tones in both light and dark colors.

Whenever gray and white ware is employed, we may expect them to be substantially warmer than in past years. Basic gray and glaring white are gone, replaced with creamy off-whites and soft grays.

8. Handleless Designs

The most recent modern designs are focused on multi-tasking, free-flowing patterns with a relaxed appearance. Because of technological developments in push-open and shut doors, it is now feasible to eliminate handles from both base and wall cabinets.

If you don’t want push-open cabinets, recessed knobs have the same elegant aesthetic and can be clad with different materials and colors to add character.

Handleless kitchen cabinets are one of the top trends for 2023, to create a more scaled, streamlined appearance. It’s all about keeping things simple and focusing on minor details.

9. Lighting

In the past, individuals preferred recessed illumination. People are becoming more daring with their lighting choices, using them as a statement decorative element in a room.

Lighting in a kitchen is always difficult to get right, but the skill of layering will be critical to creating successful kitchens in the future. The fact is that you only need a limited quantity of job lighting in certain preparation areas; too many pendants and your kitchen ceiling will resemble a landing strip.

The importance of lighting in any kitchen design concept cannot be overstated. My recommendation is to be open to experimenting with various pendant kitchen lighting options. For instance, clustering many pendants to provide drama to the kitchen.

You can enjoy 2023’s customized kitchen trend without spending a cent by hanging a beautiful chandelier or some whimsical semi-flush mounts.


For the years coming, expect to see many more bubbles stunning kitchen trends, and beyond.

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