15 Stylish White Kitchen Cabinets Ideas 2022

15 Stylish White kitchen cabinet ideas 2022. White kitchen cabinets are a timeless and versatile option for any kitchen. They produce a bright and airy impression or a clean and modern appearance. They are also playful and an easy complementary for every décor style, from classic to contemporary.

There are several ways to make white cabinets stand out, by playing around with door types, lighting fixtures, colors, and fittings. Below are a few white cabinet ideas that may add appeal to your kitchen.

White Kitchen with Marble Countertop

If you’re looking for inspiration for an all-white palette, go no further. Install a white marble countertop next to your white cabinets to create a bright, polished kitchen environment. The sparkling veined worktops and accompanying slab backsplash take center stage thanks to understated hardware. The white cabinets draw attention to the marble effortlessly.

White Shaker Kitchen Cabinet

Our ideal white-cabinet kitchens combine traditional and modern features to create an attractive blend that is both beautiful and welcoming. The white shaker cabinets maintain a perfect balance between the busy floor and mood lighting.

White Kitchen Cabinet with Dark Hardware

We’ve said it before, and we will say it again: hardware has a *significant* influence on the appearance of your kitchen cabinets. We love how this design emphasizes contrasts everywhere you look, with straight black hardware on white cabinets and a lighter white touch on the island. This kitchen demonstrates that combining metals is not only feasible but also desirable.

Incorporate a Pattern

A backsplash is a low-cost technique to achieve the same burst of color. These white and grey cabinets (completed with a pattern backsplash—another great idea). The patterned backsplash serves as an adaptable backdrop for interesting designs and patterns. The vivid, unexpected flood of color adds a new twist to these classic white cabinets.

Warm White Kitchen Cabinet

The all-white cabinet aesthetic may be stark—even cold—at times, but this perfectly balanced kitchen demonstrates how to do it well. Textured floors add some welcome individuality to the area.

Open Shelving White Kitchen Cabinet

An all-white kitchen is a fantastic place to show off your best serveware. Choose a combination of conventional white cabinets and floating shelves with LED lighting to display all of your dinnerware, cookware, and snacks.

Glass-Fronted Cabinets

Trying to decide between standard white cabinets and open shelves? A glass-fronted cabinet, as shown in this kitchen, gives you the best of both worlds. The glass panels here provide an excellent vantage point for viewing the colorful tableware selection.

Think Angular

A beautiful light fixture is a cherry on top of a well-designed kitchen, and these studded pendants do not disappoint. Their angular design perfectly owns the space and adds a glam mood to an otherwise white kitchen, making the handleless cabinets the perfect co-star.

Be Risque With Your Backsplash

Just because you’ve chosen white cabinetry doesn’t mean your kitchen can’t be vibrant. The black and white color scheme complements rather than contrasts with the white cabinetry. In this beautifully modern kitchen, white cabinets complement an ambitious geometric backsplash.

White Kitchen Cabinet with Detail

To avoid your white kitchen from appearing too stark, replace solid cabinet doors with some open shelves. They’ll highlight some of your most treasured possessions while adding another layer of texture and color to your area. Another tip: mix white cabinets with wooden ones. The variation between white and wood will give your kitchen more detail and a comfortable appearance.

Play Around With Texture

The texture is essential when dealing with whites. The grooved grid design on these white cabinet fronts contrasts beautifully with the blue cabinets above. It’s a savvy blend that adds so much visual interest to a space—especially when dealing with a limited palette of colors.

Utilize Vertical Space

We are firm believers in utilizing space, and extending your cabinets all the way to the ceiling. Even if it’s out of reach on a daily basis, it provides vital extra storage for items you only need once a year. This area highlights top cabinets brilliantly, making use of every available inch of space.

Create Contrast

What is black, white, and stunning all over? Sleek black countertops expertly balance the pristine white cabinets, adding drama without overpowering the rest of the space.

Embrace Woodtones

Add some wood accents to your crisp white cabinets to warm them up. To create an even more comfortable contrast, the kitchen island is also finished in a warm wood tone…and the results are spectacular.

All-White Kitchen

Are you obsessed with white surfaces? Match your cabinetry to your worktops your walls…and your accessories…


We hope this list has sparked your creativity and inspired you to spice up your white kitchen cabinets and warm up your kitchen space. Our design team at Oppein is also always available to advise further on kitchen designs. Contact us, today.