12 Beautiful and Functional Open Shelving Ideas

Does a stack of cabinets make the room look crowded and plain? Try adding open shelves instead. Open shelves or floating shelves are brilliant storage solutions that can greatly improve the appearance of your home and create a more flexible space. There is a misconception that open shelves are only for kitchens. However, they are usable in other rooms, including the living room, bedroom, and bathroom.

By installing open shelves, the wall can be fully utilized and storage items can be more easily accessed. Particularly in small rooms, there is a need for storage solutions that maintain a neat appearance. Since cabinets would narrow the small space, open shelves would be a better option. We’ve gathered some of the most stylish and practical open shelf ideas. Let’s explore these remarkable works for inspiration if you are considering making some changes to your home.

1. Open shelf for cutlery

Set on the countertop of a kitchen island, this open shelf is glazed with an eye-catching golden finish. It serves as a drying rack for cutlery and glassware. This shelf is also a highlight in the kitchen. Glossy and shining, this open shelf adds an air of luxury to the kitchen. It shows off the owner’s good taste.

2. Hanging Shelf for Glassware

Is your kitchen cramped? Look up and think about the ceiling! Here is an hanging shelf design that maximizes vertical space while saving horizontal space. It features a stylish industrial aesthetic with a combination of glass and black metal. The transparent shelf complements the glassware and provides an elegant and stylish display. It looks like a crystal in the kitchen, doesn’t it?

3. Flexible Shelves on the Backsplash

The floating shelves on the backsplash provide an ideal place to store spices of all types. By using a sliding track, these small gadgets allow storage to be flexible. It is easy to slide it to make the spices accessible and to remove it for cleaning. This simple yet practical accessory will greatly improve your cooking experience.

4. Remove Cabinet Doors

Taking off the doors from cabinets is one of the simplest ways to create open shelves. Having an open-style design changes the overall appearance of the dining room. And built-in strip lights create a luxurious ambiance to match valuable liquor collections.

5. Living Room Open Shelving

A living room should be utilized to the fullest extent possible, as it is the center of the house. The open shelving design enables the vertical space to be fully used for presenting books and collections. Further, it serves as a perfect TV stand, giving the entire room a harmonious appearance.

6. Staircase Open Bookshelf

There is always a way to explore the possibilities of storage space in a house, for instance, on the staircase. Check out these open shelves on the wall and under the stairs. Every inch of the room was maximized and optimized. The wall mount shelving is arranged as modular cubes, providing an aesthetic appearance as well as excellent storage capacity.

7. Corner Shelf Design

Isn’t it a waste to leave the corner space alone? We have the solution to make it better. A corner unit frames a small home bar. Wood shelves offer perfect placement for wines. It is a place where you can taste the nectar after a long exhausting day.

8. Floating Shelves Decoration

Less is more. For floating shelving ideas, sometimes a minimalist design is the most appealing. These floating shelves in the living room are a perfect example of how simple wooden panels make a room feel fresh and modern. Consider adding these simple floating wall shelves as a way to balance the room decor.

9. Open Shelf as Room Divider

Here is an open shelving cabinet that serves as a room divider for the living room and entryway. The hollow design offers outstanding lightness, allowing two spaces to interact subtly.

10. Walk-in Closet Open Shelf

Are you planning to add bedroom shelves to your home? Make this walk-in closet your sanctuary. This shelving system allows for easy access to and viewing of clothes, making it a perfect place for changing clothes. It is an exclusive storage space for your clothing and jewelry.

11. Bathroom Floating Shelving

Bathroom vanities would also benefit from open shelves. There are always some items in the bathroom that should be easily accessible, such as shampoo, towels, and cups. However, if they are all placed on the vanity top, the area will appear cluttered. In this case, open shelving is your savior for a well-organized and practical bathroom vanity solution.

12. Next to the Tub