10 Guest Bedroom Ideas for an Impressive Retreat

Often, guest bedroom are neglected or given little care. However, if you really think about it, a guest bedroom, especially for those party people, means a lot. It directly affects the impression a guest has of your home. Stylish and comfortable guest bedroom designs will make your guests feel like they are the priority, not an afterthought. Here are some inspiring guest room ideas that will transform your space into an impressive retreat. These guest rooms are perfect for having your partners and friends stay for a few days, but no more than three days, as they might stink. Jokes aside, take a look at these brilliant ideas and get your guest bedroom started!

Add a Seating Area

The guest room should have a seating area in addition to the bed. This small change could significantly affect the feel of this room’s decor, making it homey and cozy. When you add a couch or sofa to a guest bedroom, the bedroom becomes more of a functional space for guests than just a place to sleep. By doing so, you will be showing your guests that you are comfortable with their stay and you appreciate their presence.

Build a Guest Bath

Making a separate bathroom available in the guest room may make your guests feel more at home. Additionally, you do not have to share your bathing space with guests, giving both your guests and your family extra privacy. As for small guest room designs, a tiny bathroom could also enhance the living experience of your guests. You would only need a small shower cube, toilet, and vanity, just like in the design above.

Make a Nightstand

One of the guest bedroom essentials is a bedside table or nightstand. This small cabinet provides enough storage and a surface for your guests to put their belongings, like phones and books. As a bonus, you can place fresh flowers on the bedside table to welcome VIP guests. The best thing to do would be to organize some daily essentials in the drawer, such as phone chargers.

Add a Small Closet

When parents or distant friends visit, a closet is extremely useful. There is no need for the closet in the guest bedroom to be large, and even if it only serves the basic function of storage, that would still be fine. When designing a guest room, keep the fundamentals in mind for your daily life as well as for your guests.

Create a Hotel-like Look

Sometimes, we have friends visiting us while they are sightseeing in the city. The idea of a hotel-like guest bedroom would make a stylish impression. There is not a homey feel to it but rather a vacation-like atmosphere for them to enjoy their time touring the city. Modern guest room design creates a stunning appearance that leaves a lasting impression on your guests. Indeed, after visiting, they would describe your home as “A place filled with relaxing and comforting ornaments.”

Get a Handy Shelf Overhead

Guest bedroom designs offer a variety of possibilities, as you can use the space as an experimental space to evaluate various design options. Try some striking wallpapers to see how they change the ambiance of the guest room. Add some additional details to see how they improve the room’s functionality. Use this overhead storage shelf to extend storage space and put some recommended books for guests to browse before bed.

Try Twin Bed in the Space

In the case of a party host, a twin bed might be a more suitable option for your guest room. This design makes your guest bedroom large enough to accommodate two people. As well, some elderly couples prefer to sleep apart so that they can sleep better at night. This twin bed design serves a much greater purpose than a king-size bed. A classic twin bed never goes out of style.

Transform the Tatami Room

For spare bedroom ideas, consider this tatami room. With a tatami design, it becomes a multi-functional space that you can flexibly transform into a guest room or a storage room. Guests may not visit your home all year long, so you may not always use the guest bedrooms. But in this way, you could utilize the room to store items, and when guests come, you can furnish the space with mattresses and bedding to make it a perfect guest room.

Make Fun with the Bay Window

Don’t waste space in a room. This rule still works for a guest bedroom. You may be able to optimize the room by changing the bay window. Like the picture above, add a gaming zone for you and your guests to have some relaxing chess time or have a cup of coffee while chatting. Adding this creative touch to your guest bedroom will make it more interesting. And the point is to try innovative things that can impress your guests.

Use it for Book Storage

Don’t have enough room for a guest room? Don’t worry. All you need is a bed to make any room a guest room! Even though we’re just kidding, turning your home library into a guest bedroom makes sense, and you can enjoy the smell of books while sleeping in the room. The guest room decor saves you space while making a great combination that will allow your guests to read some magazines during their stay. Truly an excellent choice for those who have ample book collections.