Modern Open Kitchen Cabinet for Sale – STARRY

Modern Open Kitchen Cabinet for Sale – STARRY

Door color: UV Lacquer: PWMC0111, PWMC0110; Melamine: PWMA0356
Countertop: PWTE0067
Style positioning: Modern light luxury
Design concept: “Starry”, as a classic Van Gogh art work, its spiral painting echoes the color of the back panel of this new kitchen cabinet. The overall color of the kitchen cabinet is full of movement and change, just like the bright starry sky at night. The color and texture effect of imitating ALPI advanced veneer material enhance the sense of product value. Starry is a practical and beautiful cabinet that perfectly combines function and display.

Back panel: Starry uses the door panel pattern jade spiral to echo the “Starry” spiral pattern of Van Gogh’s painting;
Layout: As an F-shaped layout kitchen cabinet, Starry perfectly combines the functions of western kitchen space. The integrated design of kitchen and meal enables the family to share wine time;
Open cabinet: the floating gold wire glass swing door design of the counter cabinet and the metal arc wrapping of the laminate plate reflect the characteristics of the semi-open kitchen;

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