2022 New Chinese Style Walk in Wardrobe – HEYDAY

2022 New Chinese Style Walk in Wardrobe – HEYDAY

Style: New Chinese Style

Door Finish: Wood Veneer

The new Chinese style wardrobe HEYDAY strives for no stimulation, no burden, and natural tones in the matching of veneer colors. Let people maintain a calm in the hustle and bustle of society. Get rid of complicated colors and choose warm colors for an elegant and demure visual effect.

The space layout of Walk in closet makes the use of wardrobe space more diverse and enriches the storage methods of bedroom space. Moreover, it is convenient for users to design and display as needed, and has both practical and decorative value. The walk in closet is harmonious and natural on the whole, suitable for larger apartment spaces and matching the positioning of high-end users. The open cabinet in the middle uses Ferrero as the back panel, which is stable and versatile, improves the grade and enriches the visual experience.

The cabinet door adopts double door design. The use of the glass door on the right makes the space breathable and refreshing. With the coated glass door, the TV cabinet is visually more beautiful as a whole, not messy, and more high-end fashion.
The TV background area of the trapezoidal space is formed in the middle of the cabinet, which visually extends the depth of the space. The back panel is shaped with triangular strip elements, forming a complex and simple contrast with the flat parapet door panel.