2022 Modern Walk in Closet for Sale – NIER

2022 Modern Walk in Closet for Sale – NIER

Style: Light luxury

Door Finish: Leather
The popular color of the year, yellow, is undoubtedly the color with the highest appearance rate this summer. The global color authority expressed its expectations for yellow when it announced the trend color. The wardrobe NIER series uses colors to evoke psychological associations, creating a natural and quiet psychological feeling.

The addition of a dressing table module to the bedroom wardrobe makes the wardrobe space function more versatile. The smart lift vanity mirror is creative and makes the user’s eyes fresh. Repeated smart appliances deeply integrate the concept of smart home, which is more in line with the high-end image of OPPEIN.

①Large area of leather material, with imitation metal handle as embellishment, looks warm and fashionable.
②The walk-in closet is simple and complex as a whole, suitable for larger apartment spaces and matching the positioning of high-end users. The wardrobe has a glass door on the left and a leather door on the right.
③The design of the in-line island in the middle of the cloakroom is simple and atmospheric, bringing a sense of technology and avant-garde to the space, improving the grade and enriching the visual experience.

Living & Dining Room
The use of velvet moss green leather gives people the effect of returning to nature. It is warm and harmonious with warm lighting, which fits the overall atmosphere of the restaurant space;
The decorative parts, laminates and handles are all decorated with curves. The beauty of regular lines is adopted, and a sense of luxury is revealed in the details.

The study cabinet is neat and orderly, and the open cabinet is used to make the whole transparent, so that the user can see the storage items in the bookcase more intuitively. The light lines of the laminates are soft and bright, rendering the warm atmosphere of the bookcase space. The overall style is more avant-garde and has a strong sense of design. The geometric structure door panel and the matching geometric handle make the cabinet more three-dimensional and have a strong visual impact.